Stakeholder Interviews

Organizations are made up of a mix of people, perspectives, and motivations. Talk to people within the organization (and key partners) to understand the business and what drives it within. This provides you a foundation to build your research plan and design approach.

Serving suggestion

  • 3-10 stakeholders
  • 30-60 min per interview
  • Remote or in-person

Pairs well with

  • Assumptions Mapping


Understand business goals, drivers, & competition

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How to do it:

  • Identify key stakeholders within the organization and partner organizations.
  • Gain access to those stakeholders with help from a gatekeeper.
  • Prepare a discussion guide (more of an outline than a script)
  • Schedule one-on-one or small group meetings.
  • Conduct interviews, ask stakeholders about their experiences and motivations.
  • Summarize results.

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