In order to design the right experience, we need to understand “who” we are designing for and the differences between key types of users. This framework will provide guidance to the design team in creating solutions that address the specific needs, behaviors and pain points of your user groups.

Serving suggestion

  • 2-5 personas
  • Minimum 2 researchers
  • Minimum 1 hour per persona

Pairs well with

  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Creative Brief


Present insights & opportunities from research

Understand user behaviors, attitudes & needs

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How to do it:

  • Gather insights from research (primary and secondary).
  • Create or select a framework/template (What information will you include?).
  • Determine heuristics that will distinguish and define your personas.
  • Write narratives around each persona that includes attitudes, behaviors, distinctive characteristics and needs.
  • Be sure to include both emotional and rational needs, motivations and drivers.

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