Opportunity Workshop

The research is complete and insights formulated. This activity is an opportunity for a broader team to come together and translate and prioritize learnings into implications for design.

Serving suggestion

  • 4-8 participants
  • 1-2 hours
  • In-person, Co-located

Pairs well with

  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Creative Brief
  • Opportunity Statements


Get design buy-in from business stakeholders

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Look Forward

How to do it:

  • Gather and review research deliverables (insights, personas, journeys, etc)
  • Create or select a framework (e.g. “How might we” statements)
  • Assemble a team that is familiar with past research
  • Individuals silently write opportunity statements that address users needs and desired outcomes (How might we ACTION WHAT for WHOM in order to CHANGE SOMETHING)
  • Everyone presents their statements to the team (group similarities as you go)
  • Dot vote to prioritize opportunities

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