What people say they do does not always match up with what they actually do. Observing users’ behaviors firsthand can provide
insights they can’t (or won’t) express through conversations alone.

Serving suggestion

  • Minimum 5 participants, right-sized for the project
  • 1-4 hours per participant
  • In-person, contextual


Pairs well with

  • Ethnographic Research


Understand user behaviors, attitudes & needs

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How to do it:

  • Decide on research questions, goals, and methodology.
  • Recruit, schedule, and incentivize participants.
  • Determine observation method (shadow/fly on the wall).
  • Design a method for capturing behaviors and environments.
  • Conduct observations.
  • Document with notes, photos, and audio/video.
  • Summarize findings to your team.

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Observation provides the most accurate information about people, their tasks, and their needs.

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