Customer Journey Maps

In order to design what is best for the user, we need to understand their end to end experience. This diagram will serve as a holistic view of actions, influences, thoughts and emotions with and surrounding interactions with your brand or organization.

Serving suggestion

  • 1-5 maps (by function or personal)
  • Minimum 2 researchers
  • 1 day per map

Pairs well with

  • Personas
  • Opportunity Statements


Get design buy-in from business stakeholders

Present insights & opportunities from research

Understand user behaviors, attitudes & needs

View recipes


How to do it:

  • Gather insights from primary and secondary research.
  • Select a framework/template (What are the stages? What rows will you include).
  • Map out the customer touchpoints, grouped by a goal.
  • Overlay the customers’ thoughts, emotions, actions, influences, needs, and pain points as they move through the process of accomplishing a specific goal.
  • Use the map to identify opportunities for intervention and improvement.

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